Monday, April 6

My first post!

Today it snowed... It's April! Two days ago I got sunburnt and today I'm wishing I had my Uggs. I guess that is the Midwest for you. But I am not going to let this day of cold weather get me depressed and sad! Instead I am thinking of how in 5 weeks I will be on summer vacation... mmmm. In the past, the best part of summer has always been reuniting with my closest friends and spending all my time with them, but this summer we are all heading in different directions for the first time ever. The NEXT best thing about summer is being able to throw on dresses for all occasions. After doing a daily scan of the J.Crew website, I found something(s) that I just love. The first is the convertible swing dress. This is very similar to last year's but the bottom is slightly different. It comes in brown, black, navy and bright pacific. I am personally a navy girl myself, but all the colors are great! Next is the cotton medallion dress. This is a little crazier than the swing dress, but it is just fun. You could dress it up and wear it out with friends or throw it on over a swimsuit before heading to the beach. 


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