Saturday, May 15

Coming Full Circle

In 7 short hours, I will be on my way to Hilton Head, SC for another unbelievable summer. This fake life I am living seems to never end, and I am more than okay with that. Still, it is hard to imagine that junior year has already passed and I'm going back to lifeguard on the beach for quite possibly my last true summer. Without knowing what next summer holds in store for me - I'm praying I get a job or an internship... something! - I plan to live up and take in every moment of this one. Many of my friends have internships and are already prepping for the "real world", something I am clearly avoiding. While it would probably be in my best interest to have gotten an internship this summer, spending my last summer on the beach with some of the best people I know is worth it to me. I cannot wait for Remy's Monday Night costume parties, Casey's Tuesdays with karaoke and $1 drinks, and the Triangle on the weekends, sipping on Frosty Frog on the beach, eating Smokehouse whenever my heart desires, chatting with Ali while she showers because we don't spend enough time together, and LIVING THE LIFE.

Make sure to check my blog this summer! I promise to update it more than I did this past semester. Posts will be coming soon with details on my summer!

Peace, Love, and Lifeguard tan lines.


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