Thursday, May 27


It is crazy to think that I have already been on the island for three weeks... only 9 to go! I arrived to the island May 17th with my mom, sister, and Mrs. Hobbs and Mamie. Rather than going to orientation Monday and Tuesday, I decided to spend quality time with my family and hang out on the beach - something I knew I wouldn't be able to do once I started work!

Up until this coming week, I have been working big stands all over the beach. I've made good money so far with tips and commission and filling my quota! Memorial Day weekend was crazy. I worked at the Hilton and we had over 80 sets up (1 set = 1 umbrella and 2 chairs), set up 30 by myself at Dunes House and when I worked Crowne Plaza, we had 70 up. Even though its more work being a returning guard, there are definitely way more perks. The supervisors trust us more and we don't always have to be worrying what they think about us. There is also way more money to be made as a returning guard because you work good stands and don't have to do high chair so you're always getting tips. This week I'm working at the Barrington, where I am pretty sure I will be all summer. Even though I liked rotating around stands because it changed things up, it will be nice to have some consistency.

The most exciting thing that has happened here is that a piece of a French rocket ship landed on our beach, right next to Ali's stand. Apparently it was launched in South America and it was a piece of the satellite that was supposed to disintegrate into the atmosphere but, well, it didn't. So there it was on our beach!

It is funny because even though I have been gone 9 months, it really feels like I never left. Which I guess is a good thing. It has been great to hang out with old friends and meet new ones. I have a feeling it is going to be a really great summer, possibly even better than last - which is hard to top! Even though we have gone out a significant amount, this summer has already been more chill in 3 weeks than I think our entire last summer was. The other night we had Brad, Novak, Bowen, and House over to grill out which was relaxing but still very fun. Tonight Lindsay, Em, Ali and I just met up for an impromptu dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We ended up being there for almost 2 hours, and I dont think I laughed that hard in a long time!

All in all, its been a great couple of weeks and if this is an indicator for how all summer is going to be, I like what is headed my way!


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