Wednesday, October 20


This morning I was browsing the articles on Fashionista and came across blurb on majeggings. What are majeggings you may ask? Men's jeggings. Men's leggings. Yes. You read right. There are now leggings for men. As I clicked on the link to read the full story on this interesting fashion movement, I was a little worried about what I might find. I could only think of the tights male ballerinas wear, and I'm not too sure I want to see men walking around in that.

However, my fears were calmed. The majeggings this writer tested were not as skin tight as the ones us women wear. They were looser, almost like sweatpants, or men's skinny jeans. I don't think this will be a fashion phenomenon at Indiana, but kudos to the men who have enough confidence to wear majeggings!


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