Sunday, February 20

Viva la KAT

Inspired by Natalie's blog...

Dear new KAO initiates,

Congratulations! Today is the day you have officially become members of Theta, and I am so very excited for you all. Needless to say, however, being a senior I am also incredibly jealous of you. You have 3 1/2 years to make the best memories thus far in life, have some of the best laughs, craziest nights, and meaningful friendships you could ever ask for. Don't forget what you learned at initiation. Inevitably, you will forget some of it, but when it rolls around each year, don't see it as a drag, but take it as a chance to remember why you love Theta so much. I have, so here's a little food for thought.

Live in the house 2, if not 3 years. Forget that you have homework and spend lots and lots of time hanging out in each others' rooms, lounges, and dining room. It's completely acceptable to sit at lunch for over an hour because you want to keep talking. Don't skip date parties. You might not be taking the hunk of the party, but the memories you make with your sisters and laughing about everything the next morning is much more important than who your date is. Go on a real spring break. Frat Lauderdale won't disappoint you as long as the majority of IU is there. Don't worry if you are 3 months away from the end of school and have a frighteningly low amount of cash in your bank account. You'll make that money back one day, and it's only money. In five years, you'll remember (or maybe hazily remember) the afternoon you spent on the Kilroys back patio more than how much you spent on Long Islands that day. Take trips with your friends in your pledge class. Whether this is to a lake house over the summer, or just for the day, a weekend trip to Mardi Gras in St. Louis, or just a weekend spent at a sister's house, each one of these moments will become special to you. Go to Little 500 and scream your heart out for Theta. Drunk or sober, it's the coolest event ever. Get involved, whether it's with Theta or another organization. You'll grow more as a person and become passionate about something you might not have thought of before. Take advantage of everything Bloomington has to offer - restaurants, IU athletics, shows at the auditorium. Going out is great, but it's not everything. Be proud of Theta. You've joined an amazing organization with even more amazing girls that will be there for you constantly.

I wish I could be in your shoes, but I also know that I've had my time and it's (almost) over. I can't wait for you all to experience the great things I have these past 3 1/2 years that have made me love Theta and IU more than I could have ever imagined. You all will do great things, and try to remember the crazy seniors when we come back next year.


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