Tuesday, May 3

Movies On My Mind

I am a sucker for romantic comedies. Typical, I know. But they are just always such feel-good movies and I don't get quite the satisfaction from a thriller as I do a good ole rom-com... probably because half the movie my face is in a pillow because I'm too scared to watch. Today when I got on imdb.com because I didn't feel like starting my paper or studying spanish, I saw a new trailer released for "One Day". I'm not exactly sure what genre this movie falls under, but it looks AMAZING and I cannot wait to see it. And even though I hated Love and Other Drugs, I do like Anne Hathaway and the director directed "An Education". AND they use the song Good Life by One Republic in the trailer, so I'm sold. My favorite line of the trailer is "...She made you decent, and in return, you made her so happy."My heart is melting.

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