Wednesday, December 18


It has been about a year now that photographer Gray Malin has been on my radar... probably thanks to Sally and Molly or another one of my favorite bloggers. And y'all, I can't stop thinking about how I have to make one of his amazing photography prints mine. He flies all over the world, taking these gorgeous pictures, and I'm just so in love. This is seriously just a small, small sampling of the work he does and if you're not familiar, I highly encourage you to go to his site and check it all out. I spend way too long staring at all the beautiful images.

I think one of my favorite collections is La Dolce Vita. The series was inspired by the fabulous and famous Italian Riviera lifestyle in the 1950s and 60s. Do you not just want to jump in and be part of all of these shots? The Italian backdrop is gorgeous and all those pretty umbrellas.... ahhh! I think it partly brings some nostalgia from the days I spent working on the beach. Rows upon rows upon rows of beach umbrellas... although I hardly had Italy as my backdrop!

I also love the Prada Marfa collection, two of my favorite prints above. Marfa, TX is a famous arts town and just north of the city is a Prada store art installation - literally in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. The store is filled with shoes and purses from the 2005 collection and sealed shut on this dusty little highway. So cool, right? 

Okay so now that I have fully obsessed/gushed - what do you think? Are you hooked too?

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Monday, December 16



Weekends go by way too quickly, don't they? I had such a nice one. On Saturday, Patrick and I went to downtown Franklin for a little exploring and shopping. I can't believe I have never been there before! There are so many cute shops and restaurants. There was also a Christmas street festival, so we had a lot of fun walking around through the streets and getting some tasty old fashioned donuts from a street vendor! Plus I was able to do a little Christmas shopping, which was much needed.

But back to regular programming. Have y'all heard of Gorjana Griffin? Awhile back I remember seeing something on another blog, but kind of just let it escape my mind. Fast forward to this weekend when I'm feverishly looking for gifts for a certain hard-to-shop-for sister of mine and I stumble across their site. It's full of the prettiest, most delicate jewelry pieces that could take care of anyone on your Christmas list. Not to mention, it's pretty affordable and right now they are offering 30% off sitewide. Let the last minute shopping begin with a little something for yourself!

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Thursday, December 12


Professional and classy, but cute and festive. These pants from J.Crew instantly give a great festive vibe without being over the top Christmas. Either of these looks is great in my opinion - the first a little more toned down and classic, while the second glams it up a bit. Why not look fabulous for a work function?  It's your time to shine, darling! Show the boss man why you're deserving of a promotion, starting off with an excellent wardrobe :)

By the way, have you noticed a trend in my clothing selections?? I promise I'm going to try to be more interesting and switch it up in the new year. I can't help certain retailers are just fabulous!


Look 1: 

Look 2:

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I totally have a thing for bar carts, along with the entire blogging community. They are such a thing right now, but how can they not be for someone who has grand visions of entertaining and parties?! I loveeeee the Society Social bar carts, but let's be honest, they are definitely an investment piece. This Target bar cart by Threshold is much more reasonable for my budget. I have eyed it in the store, and after seeing how great Mackenzie styled it for the holidays, I'm in love. Instead of sugar plums, I've got visions of bar carts dancing in my head!

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Is it getting too late for gift guides? I don't think so - considering I have purchased a total of two presents.... whoops. It's only December 12th, people! Plenty of time to get online shopping done. Today's gift guide is for the beauty obsessed. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm this person, but I would die if someone gave me a $500 gift card to Sephora just so I could "play" with different products. There's just something so lovely about perfumes and blushes and lipsticks, isn't there? 


neuLASH  (I REALLY want to try this!)

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Wednesday, December 11


I've never particularly liked the idea of living in a small space, like a studio apartment or a teensy tiny apartment in Chicago or New York, but after following The Everygirl home tours, I'm kind of rethinking my stance on the whole tiny living thing. After all, the less space you have, the less space you need to decorate. Which is not such a bad thing when you are 24 and slightly poor. And aren't the above pictures amazing? They are all studio apartments, which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

What are your thoughts on small spaces? Yay or nay?

images from The Everygirl

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Tuesday, December 10


Any weekend I can spend with someone in my family automatically puts the weekend in the amazing category. This past weekend my parents and I went down to Athens, GA for my sister's fabric design exit show. I'm planning on doing a full recap - but you can see a little preview of her work in the above picture. It was so special and touching to see how many of her friends and our family friends drove from Atlanta, Illinois, and Tuscaloosa to see her work on display. Girl has talent, y'all.

From the exit show we headed to downtown Athens for great food and drinks and celebrating Jane. The rest of the weekend consisted of quality family time meandering through Athens, watching football games at Pauley's and dinner at The Globe, and trying to track down a hot dog vendor. Family is just the best and I'm so glad we got to spend Jane's last official weekend as an undergrad in Athens with her. Proud of you Janie!

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Friday, December 6


Since I've been doing so many gift guides, I thought I would switch up Loving & Lusting and do a What to Wear series for the holiday season. In the words of Sheryl Crow, a little change can do ya good!

Today, I'm all about the holiday cocktail party. Isn't one of the best parts about the holidays the parties you get to go to?! A great - and affordable - black dress with a little bit of edge, like this one from BCBG Generation is the perfect start. Adding fun jewelry from J.Crew can take you one of two ways - a little more classic, on the left, or a little edgier on the right. A purse like this one from Kate Spade is perfectly on theme; who doesn't want to be drinking champagne during the holidays?! Add a pair of heels or edgy booties and you're set. Time to go dance the night away!


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Wednesday, December 4


This might be one of my favorite guides... because I totally want to be a hostess with the mostess! Any of the above gifts are sure to make the queen of entertaining beam with glee - especially that Society Social bar cart. Can you imagine if that was under your tree?! Talk about ah-mazing. 


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Tuesday, December 3


For awhile now, I have wanted to learn how to do flower arrangements. I've even searched online to see if Nashville offers any day classes for it (they don't - at least I haven't found any). Better than a class though, was helping my mom put together our arrangements for Thanksgiving. I think my mom is amazing at everything she does, and flower arrangements is definitely high on the list. The poor iPhone quality doesn't exactly do them justice - but aren't these flowers gorgeous? Everything came from our local grocery store and let me tell you, it was so easy to put together! I'm looking forward to putting together more arrangements... so time to start planning a party! Who wants to come?!

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