Monday, October 19


Lexington, KY has become a very familiar place to me over the past 10 months since it's where my boyfriend (and best friend & her husband) lives. Despite the UK obsessed fans (go Hoosiers!), I've definitely grown to like Lexington and always have fun when I spend weekends up there. Until this past weekend, I've always traveled solo, but this time my sweet friend Mary Jeanne came along for the Auburn-UK football game Thursday night!

We had a great time tailgating and cheering on the Tigers/Cats, and the game turned out exactly how Mary Jeanne wanted. Despite cheering for Auburn, we still made it on the jumbo-tron - #celebs!

On Friday we had brunch at my friend Ali and Daniel's new home and then spent the day at Keeneland, betting on horsies and drinking bourbon. The day was gorgeous with no clouds in the sky and perfect temps. My friend Sara Michael came over from Louisville to spend the day & night with us, which was another extra special treat!

The boys decided to be strange and last minute changed into Hawaiian shirts. They looked ridiculous, of course, but it was funny nonetheless. Mary Jeanne was AGAIN the big winner, taking home over $50 from bets! Beginner's luck, I guess... I made $0.60. 

On Saturday we relaxed, made taco soup, played rummy and watched lots of football - so many crazy games! It was the perfect recovery day. 

Until next time, Lex!

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