Tuesday, April 26

love this home: patio decor

When I chose to move to the apartment I'm currently living in, one big selling point was the porch space that came with it. I'm all for spending as much time as possible outside when it's nice out, and a porch is the perfect place to read a book, drink some wine, or eat dinner on spring and summer nights!

I moved way back in January, so there wasn't a hurry to get furniture for the space considering the freezing temps. But now that Lexington is having consistently warm temperatures, I'm dyyyying that I'm not using the space! Time to get my butt in gear, because the current space is empty. Except a grill. And that's depressing when it's beautiful and sunshine-y.

I have had a few different seating options in mind, and in an ideal world, I'd have this or this, but I'm I've decided on these adirondack chairs because they are the most budget friendly (by far), so if (and when) I move, it won't be a heartbreak if they don't fit my new space. They are also deeper than a lot of seating options, so it's perfect for curling up and reading a book. I'm thinking lots of twinkly lights for the covered part, and cushy pillows and poufs to act as extra seating when I need it. I also want/need a dining option, but I'll have to see what I can fit. I have a vision of dinner parties out there, but I don't know if the space is big enough for a table that fits more than 2 people!

Follow the progress along here and on snapchat (rblack2761) and instagram (@lovethislifeblog)!


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