Saturday, September 19

Vacation in September

This weekend I am fortunate enough to be in Dallas for the Cowboys season opener against the New York Giants. Kaitlyn's brother-in-law is Dave Diehl (offensive lineman for the Giants) so he has so kindly hooked us up with tickets... and let's be honest, why wouldn't he? There need to be some Giant fans in Dallas! So here I am with 5 of my closest friends, staying with Natalie who goes to SMU.

We've had a great time already. Last night we were all in by 9:30, went to a Mexican restaurant and had dinner and margaritas (sangria margaritas are amazing, by the way) and then checked out the Dallas scene. One of the funniest nights of my life. We ran into Brad, a friend of Natalie's, and his Paraguayan friends... well actually he apparently didn't know all of them... but we ended up getting a little crazy, walked over the highway, played in a field, and had a rave in Kappa Sig. Totally normal. Didn't get home until 4:00. Needless to say we were a little tired.

Today we didn't get moving until 12. Went to Bubba's for chicken fried lunch (yummy yummy) and then did some serious shopping. Due to my limited account, I wasn't able to go nearly as J.Crew happy as I wanted, which is always disappointing. Now we are getting ready to go out Uptown, which is like downtown Dallas, and hopefully meeting some nice men to buy us drinks all night long! Tomorrow is the game and we are going to a friend of ours house before the game to pregame. Look for us on TV! 7:20 tipoff.

This weekend has really reiterated how great of a life I have. Not very many people are able to just fly to Dallas for a NFL game with 5 of their best friends. No matter how much I wish I had a little extra cash to spend, or a new car, or whatever, I'd say I'm living a pretty good life, one that I am absolutely thankful for.


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