Monday, November 23

Well, it is Indiana...

This past weekend was the IU Purdue game. To really no one's surprise, Indiana lost. (I'm pretty sure we won the tailgating though... see ya Purdue.) In honor of the rivalry, our Greek newspaper The Odyssey had a IU Purdue issue, featuring writers from both schools. Here is my article:

It’s no secret Indiana is a good time. Between tailgating, homecoming, Little 500, Welcome Week, Bid week, and select bars certain nights of

the week, we are blessed with nonstop fun that is practically handed to us. We have one of the greatest college traditions in Little 500, a strong Greek system, and a great social scene.

So who wouldn’t want to make a visit to IU? Over the past two and a half years I have been at Indiana, I have seen more than my fair share of celebrities on this campus. Singers, models, reality TV stars, Presidents… you name it, they’ve been here.

Perhaps one of the coolest celeb appearances this campus has witnessed has been Barack Obama.

You can hate him or you can love him, but you can’t deny his visit to the 2008 Women’s Little 500 race was incredible. Obama was making a quick political trip throughout Indiana, and that trip just so happened to be during Little 500 weekend. Why wouldn’t he stop by? There are only thousands of impressionable college students, jam-packed in stadium for one of the best college weekends. Hey there Obama, go ahead and take a Theta race day t-shirt. Yeah. I’d say that’s pretty cool.

We can also thank Obama for bringing Dave Matthews to IU for a free concert in 2008. Dave and Tim Reynolds performed at Assembly Hall the week before Little 500, bringing in tons of fans. Once again, you can love Barack or hate him, but he brought Dave Matthews to IU. For FREE. Purdue, has Dave ever paid a visit to your campus? How about the President? Nope, didn’t think so.

During last year’s Little 500, ATO and Acacia gave us Ludacris. Maybe Luda isn’t as big as he once was, but I know that concert was full. We’ve also had the Ying Yang Twins, DMX (until that whole cop situation happened), and Yung Joc for Little 500 events.

This fall, we witnessed one of the most raging concerts this campus has seen as Girl Talk and Cobra Starship took over Dunn Meadow. None other than Whitney Port of The City and a Victoria Secret Pink model hosted the show. Despite the pouring rain, we experienced an unreal concert that no other schools could. Thanks Victoria’s Secret!

These are all celebs that have visited for big events, but Bluebird and the IU Auditorium bring in a wide variety of talent every year, just because they can. Dave Barnes, Jon McLaughlin, Eric Church, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bill Cosby, Bob Dylan, and Ben Folds have all graced campus with their music and talent. Aren’t we lucky? Yeah, but we’re also Indiana.

So what do you have, Purdue?


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