Friday, December 18

my christmas wishlist

a few things i hope are under the tree....

I have never been too picky with my Christmas presents. There are always a couple big ticket items I want, like my tall chestnut UGGS I got last year. Otherwise, I leave it up to my mom. Luckily for me, my mom has an incredible sixth sense at knowing what I want. I can say, "well I would really like some more sweaters..." and never fail, there will be sweaters under the tree. And never do I have to return them.
But the best is when we are surprised. One year, it was a new computer. My brothers have gotten new bikes that were secretly hidden in the garage. Last year, we got a Wii and I got a new J.Crew coat in a beautiful purple color. Never asked for it, but completely in love with it.
Given her success rate, I have no doubt that I will once again be happy. After all, in the end it's not the presents that matter, but the people you are with.


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