Friday, January 1

welcome, 2010

my new years resolutions:

1. Work out three times a week. I think this one is actually attainable. I want to be in excellent shape for this summer, so my goal is to either run/elliptical twice a week and swim once a week, or vice versa. Lifting weights and doing abs will also be included in my regimen. Its time to stop being lazy and get active!!

2. Stop procrastinating. I will admit it. I am one of the worst at procrastinating. I need to start doing my homework way ahead of time, rather than waiting till the last minute. My life will be way less stressful if I actually stick to this.

3. Read More. I have always been an avid reader. Not only do I like to read, but I am a fast reader. I can read books in one day (Harry Potter anyone??) At school, I rarely crack open a book unless it is a textbook. Rather than turning to facebook every time I need a study break, I want to read a new book, even if I only read a few chapters.

4. Keep a Journal. This is one thing I really regret not doing this summer. Even though I did post things on my blog, I wish I had kept my own personal record of everything that happened. The other day Annie and I were talking about how we really should keep one because so many funny things happen and are said that we don't even remember a couple days later.


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