Thursday, June 17

you can't always get what you want... or you can.

My mom has always said that I am the easiest to please. No offense to my sister Jane, but the past has proven that it is more of a challenge to make her happy than I. While I don't care if my dress came from Walmart, Jane usually preferred hers to be of a more upscale brand. At times, this need to please became a little wearing for us, especially at Christmas, or when we went shopping in Chicago for her birthday. She bought an entire outfit from J.Crew, wearing it out of the store, because what she previously had on wasn't right and ruining her day. While Jane may be a bit of a perfectionist, she knows exactly what she likes and what she wants.

This especially shone through when she was choosing which college to attend. For me, I applied to Illinois, Indiana, Mizzou, and Iowa. I did have a criteria - midwest school with big greek life and sports. However, my search was nothing like my sister's. She read the Princeton College Review books like they were Harry Potter. She could tell you the male to female ratio at random schools or how they ranked in their dining halls (very important). But once again, she lucked out in being a perfectionist and chose the perfect school for her: University of Georgia.

And while I have always been easy to please, after my visit to UGA this past fall, I couldn't help wonder to myself, "Did I really choose the right school?" Don't get me wrong, I love Indiana. But UGA is awesome. After experiencing a weekend of my sister's life, I became a little bit jealous. The downtown nightlife, shopping and food is unreal, the campus is beautiful, the sports are huge, and Greek life is dominant. It has everything you could ever want in a college town.

But then again, so does Indiana. After looking at all of my pictures starting from freshman year, I realized that it has been a pretty crazy and memorable ride, and one that still has a year to go. I've made some of the best friends I could ask for, been part of an incredible organization - IUSF - and studied at one of the best Journalism schools in the nation - a college experience that even the hardest to please would have a hard time being unhappy with.


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