Tuesday, September 28

Big Pony Fragrances

I haven't posted for awhile. Forgive me. Summer was an insane whirlwind and the beginning of school certainly hasn't slowed down much either. The next two weeks, however, I have a little bit of down time so I figured I would get back into the swing ofblogging!

My roommate Cat has a cousin Jimmy who just signed with Ford Modeling Agency. He actually was a Phi Psi at Indiana until he moved to L.A. after his junior year. Jimmy did modeling for Abercrombie for several years, but he was recently cast as one of the main models in Ralph Lauren's campaign for their new fragrances, The Big Pony Collection. Since this campaign was launched, I have been seeing the ads everywhere. One of my favorite blogs, Unbashedly Prep recently reviewed the four fragrances. Our school newspaper just had an insert with sample smells of the fragrances. And they actually smell good! I personally love the ad campaign, and I think this video done by photographer Bruce Weber is genius. It's happy, it's nostalgic, and it's memorable. Take a look.

P.S. Jimmy is the one in red.

images from Unbashedlyprep.com and Google

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Blogger A. Hobbs said...

The belt as a sling for the broken arm is hysterical!


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