Monday, March 28

the most wonderful time of the year

I've been a bad blogger the past couple of weeks. With senior year winding down and Little 500 quickly approaching, I have been making sure to make every minute count - spending plenty of time with friends, around Bloomington, and at the Little 500 track.

It's hard for me to believe that in two weeks, Little 500 week will be here. I can remember being at this point last year like it was yesterday. I was painting pitboards, spending every possible minute at the track and with gunners, some of who I am lucky enough to have on Steering Committee now. I didn't have the typical Little 500 week full of concerts and parties and drinking, but to be honest, it was worth everything I gave up. Seeing the race from the infield, sober, has been one of the coolest things I've witnessed. Being at Quals at 6 AM, watching the sun rise and Fiji fans stream into the stadium is something I will never forget. Being at the track until 3 AM on Wednesday of Little 500 week retouching pitboards, driving the pre race truck around will stay with me forever. I am one of the reasons Little 500 happens. Now it's two weeks away. We've put in hours upon hours getting to this point, and it will all cumulate on one weekend, the world's greatest college weekend. I can't wait.

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