Friday, January 20

welcome back to the 21st century!

Okay, but seriously. Since Saturday morning at 11:45, I've been living in the Stone Age. I was happily watching Clueless, searching to see what Alicia Silverstone is doing now, when all of a sudden, my TV went blank. And my webpage wouldn't open. Not only did my cable go out, but so did my Internet. Basically, my worst fear came true.

In retrospect, I probably should have called Comcast right away. But I didn't. I thought maybe it would come back miraculously on it's own, that it was just a slight glitch. Nope. On Sunday we called, after it had been 24 hours of Stone Age life. After the lady on the phone sent lord knows how many pointless signals to our cable box and made it impossible to even access our DVR, they decided it was time to have someone actually come to our apartment and check it out.

This was a great plan, except the soonest they could get someone to our apartment was Tuesday morning between 8-9 am. Now, unless you've been living under a rock, there was some serious TV going on between Saturday and Monday. NFL playoff games, college basketball, Golden Globes, Gossip Girl.... yeah. Didn't see any of that. When the Comcast man finally came to our apartment on Tuesday, it was 9 am and Megan and I had to go to work. Note to self, when Comcast says they'll be there between certain hours, count on it being towards the later hour. This prompted phone call #453 (okay, like #7) to Comcast, and they assured us that someone would be there to fix it. ON THURSDAY. That means missing Modern Family, The Middle, New Girl, Happy Endings, Revenge, and more college basketball. Not a happy camper.

This does have a happy ending. Comcast man finally came to our apartment last night and fixed the cable (someone had unplugged cords downstairs and replugged them into the wrong plugs... why?!?!) and the Internet, with a new router so I can actually access the Internet in my room. Halllllelujah.

While I extremely missed laying on the couch and watching all my TV shows, I have to say it did force me to do other things, like doing laundry. Or reading a book. Or giving my bathroom a head to toe cleaning. Or hanging frames on my bedroom walls. Unfortunately, it didn't motivate me to work out. While my 5 days living in the Stone Age weren't 100% miserable, I'll gladly go back to the 21st century to be a couch potato every now and then, laying on the couch, watching Clueless, and surfing the web.

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