Thursday, June 28

Despite Patrick's indifference, I am a pretty big fan of the maxi dress and that it's made a comeback after a couple years. Sadly, the only one I own is from Target's sleepwear section and I wear it more to lounge around in than go to dinner with friends. After perusing Shopbop and their maxi dress selections, I've found a few that I would love to have in my closet. I've actually seen the first Vince dress  in person at Neiman Marcus and it is just so silky and comfortable and the color makes it a staple I could wear over and over again. The Splendid dress is super cute with the bow and I love the neutral colors. It could be dressed up or down - same as the Vince maxi. The next two could be worn to a more formal occasion, like a wedding or cocktail party. I do think the Tibi dress could be worn in a more casual setting as the fabric is a jersey material. How do yall feel about the maxi trend? Any favorites?


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