Tuesday, July 24

I Went on a Vacation...

Last week my posting was minimal because, well, I was on vacation. I probably should have explained that before, and I actually had posts automatically scheduled to post, but apparently Blogger failed me.

After spending three summers on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC, I thought I would be dying spending most of this years summer days indoors and not on the beach. To be honest, it hasn't been that bad. Still, it was absolutely wonderful to be on vacation with my family, and it felt all too short and I wish it could have continued for much longer.

 Janie hard at work

Funny story about this last photo. During the weekend, a guy and his boat, this boat, washed ashore north Palmetto Dunes. Apparently, he found the boat on Craigslist, traded some furniture for it, and set out for sea. Well, the rutter fell off about 1/2 mile out from shore, and then he ran out of fuel. So he just drifted. I'm not exactly sure where he came from, but when he washed up in Hilton Head, he didn't have money to tow his boat, so he just let it sit there. Every morning my family either walked to the boat or biked to see if it was still there. And it always was. Tuesday night we went to dinner at Dunes House and realized that the boat was still there while we were taking pictures. Naturally this was a perfect photo opp and while it didn't turn out perfectly, this picture really makes me smile and laugh. No, we didn't go boating, no we don't own a sailboat, yes, this is a gross boat traded for furniture on Craigslist that we used as a photo prop.

Hope everyone is getting some vacation time and relaxation during these hot summer months! I'm ready to go back already :)

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