Monday, July 23

Monday Inspiration

I'm introducing something new to my blog starting this week! Every Monday, I'm going to post something inspirational and try to live by it for the week. On Friday, I'll let you know how the week went. Here's my first one!

As most of ya'll know from my semi frequent rants (sorry....), the job hunt hasn't gone so hot. I'm frustrated, tired, and mostly ready to be at a job I enjoy. Straight up confession right here: I was watching Friends this weekend and actually teared up and got all emotional during the intro song. Embarrassing. But the words kind of, really, spoke to me: "No one told you life was gonna be this way... your job's a joke, you're broke..."So obviously I didn't expect to be at this point in my life. But here's the deal. Not everything is going to go my way. In fact, a lot won't go my way. Just because one plan didn't work out doesn't mean I can give up. I need to adjust my attitude and outlook, start looking into other possibilities and really dig into the job hunt. Something will turn up, life will get better, and I'll look back at this time and maybe, actually, want it back.

I mean, if Rachel Green can do it, then so can Rachel Black.

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Blogger Whitney said...

Don't worry Rach! It will get better!!

And totally agree - you basically are Jennifer Anniston anyway!


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