Monday, February 10


You know when you have one of those amazing weekends that goes by entirely, entirely too fast? This past weekend was one of those for me. I took a half day on Friday to drive (yes, drive) up to Chicago for a little reunion with some friends from college. I thankfully picked my good friend Sara Michael up in Louisville, which made the drive a million times more bearable!

We got in around 8:00 Friday evening and headed to Lan's Old Town. If you live in Chicago or are visiting with friends, I highly recommend. It's not the greatest Chinese food ever, but karaoke starts at 10, it's BYOB, and the owner Jimmy will inevitably pass out before the night is over. I may or may not have done a {fabulous} rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. After that, we headed to Pour House, followed by a great dance session at Beaumont's.

On Saturday, we did a little Michigan Ave. shopping (can Nashville PLEASE get a Bloomingdales?!) and then headed to Joe's to meet up with friends for the IU game. Indiana lost (ughhh) but it was so great to be with so many friends. I laughed so hard on Saturday I think my abs might have gotten a better work out than last week at the gym. Sunday unfortunately brought driving all day long, but we did get to make a little stop in Indianapolis to see a good friend for lunch. The drive wasn't easy, but so, so worth it. Weekends like these remind me how lucky I am to have such great, lifelong friends, and how important it is to make time to see them. 

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