Monday, June 2


It is with a heavy heart I write that my sweet grandpa passed away early this morning. He was a wonderful person, passionate about his alma mater Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers. He loved spending time in his garden - tulips were his favorite flower, and listening to Frank Sinatra. Most of all, he loved his family and he loved Jesus. While we are all so sad that he is no longer with us on Earth, we are so happy and comforted to know that he is in heaven - he was so excited to meet Jesus and see heaven (we laughed that sometimes he seemed a little too excited to get there). I'm so glad that I have an amazing angel watching over me and I know that he's happy in heaven with a gorgeous garden and laughing with his brother Roger. I love you, Grandpa Otto, and I will see you up there.


Anonymous Elizabeth Smithgall said...

So sorry for your loss Rachel. Thinking about you.


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