Thursday, September 25


One of my biggest pet peeves when working out? When my hair comes loose and I have strands in my face. Simple solution would be to wear some kind of headband, but until now, every headband I've tried has either slipped off the back of my head or been too tight and given me a headache. Y'all share my same struggle?!

Enter BANDED a local company based in Franklin, TN, that makes a headband that doesn't slip, pull, or pinch. I've tried plenty of headbands before, and I can say that BANDED is a miracle worker. There are so many different designs and 3 different sizes - 1", skinny, and wide. You all know I love a company with a good mission (fashionABLE, Warby Parker) - well, for every BANDED purchase made, 3 meals are funded for children in Uganda. This month, BANDED celebrated providing one million meals! This is definitely a purchase you can make without having shopper's guilt.

To find out more about BANDED or shop the collection, click here.


Blogger Annie Reeves said...

What an awesome concept!! I always have issues with headbands - like you said, they slide off or give me a headache. I need to try one of these!


Anonymous Amy Kovar said...

Annie - We'd love for you to try BANDED! We're pretty sure you'll love the fit and the oh-so-many style options!



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