Tuesday, October 7


I started drafting this post last week, but didn't feel like I could post it, or it wasn't my place to post it. But I've decided to, because as much pretty and happy there is on this blog, it's also about life, and sometimes that unfortunately comes with sadness.

Last Monday I found out that someone I knew in college passed away unexpectedly. We weren't close  by any means, but in the Greek system at Indiana, everyone pretty much knew everyone and ran in overlapping circles. Like with any devastating news, I was caught completely off guard, but was also affected more than I thought I would be. I started thinking about his family, his girlfriend, his fraternity brothers, his friends, and what utter sadness, shock, and grief they had to be feeling, and my heart felt - and still feels - so very heavy.

Loss is never easy. When we are young, I think we go through our days without ever thinking that friends or family won't be there. They are supposed to be the constant in our lives, and you never think they won't be there until they aren't. If I don't talk to my friend Sunday night like we planned, it's okay, because there is always next Sunday. Unfortunately, we have no say in God's plan. 

My point of this post is that we cannot control what is going to happen to us, our family, our friends. What we can control is the love and appreciation we give while we are on this earth. Losing someone is a sad reminder how fragile life is. But it's also a reminder to hug the ones we love a little tighter, pick up the phone a little more often, plan a few more visits, live life a little fuller, and not take a single thing for granted.

You will be missed, Pat, and we will all see you later.

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Very well said, Rachel. xo


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