Monday, April 11

j.crew comeback

For the longest time, J.Crew was one of my favorite stores, if not THE favorite store. It was my go-to, and with every season of new arrivals, I would have about 30 things on my wishlist. But over the past two, maybe almost three years, they have just not been doing it for me like they used to. I feel like it was a combination of trying to be too trendy with not enough classic, wrong fits, poor quality, and the same lackluster pieces. Honestly, I think I bought one thing from J.Crew last spring/summer and that was a pair of shoes (which I do love). And I wasn't the only one who felt the J.Crew slump - the company definitely took some major hits in sales, with plenty of articles magnifying the issue (as much of an issue as badly designed clothes and falling sales can be).

But y'all, I think they've finally figured some things out (and fired their head designer) for this spring season. It finally feels like the J.Crew I grew up loving. And while I'm still a little hesitant on the quality and the ever rising prices, I can at least say there are things that look worth buying (see my picks below).

It's looking more classic, but still on trend. Fresh and fun, but not over the top. Until the dark ages of their downward spiral, I always thought J.Crew was amazing at combining timeless classic and basics with on-trend items and making them their own. It seems like they are finally getting back to that. 

So let's continue this comeback, J.Crew. On the note of comebacks, how about my first blog post in 5 months? I might just be having a comeback of my own... but more on that for another post! 

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