Tuesday, June 28

what i'm loving

There is so much cute stuff out right now. Last summer, I felt the opposite. I pretty much hated everything. I don't know what happened this summer but y'all, I seriously have to restrain myself from just going crazy and spending a ton of money without even blinking. Self restraint, Rachel. Self restraint. If I COULD go nuts, below are things I would most certainly scoop right up. I love the tiny scallop detail on the shorts, the peplum top has grosgrain ribbon straps (adore), and something about that orange and blue dress is just speaking to me. Those Fighting Illini roots coming out in me, I guess?!

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Anonymous Jessica said...

I'm loving the Club Monaco pom pom top! x

Jessica — Woods Lifestyle

Blogger The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Ahh I love it all!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Right?! It's so, so cute!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Seriously so much good stuff out there! Thanks for stopping by!


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