Monday, July 11

Charleston Trip: The Homes

I cannot believe it's already been a week since we were really just beginning our time in Charleston! We arrived to the Holy City Sunday afternoon and immediately began exploring the city. I'm going to do a full post on where we ate and drank (because we did a ton of that), but to kick things off for our trip recap, I thought I'd share some of the beautiful homes we saw while walking around the city. It seemed like everywhere I looked, there was a house cuter than the one previous. We explored a little bit north of Broad on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon, but Wednesday was our big day walking around the south of Broad area. I think we had to have walked 6 miles that day - our feet were killing us!  

While I think most people who live in Charleston have cars, if you are there for vacation and not planning to go anywhere else besides the city, you really don't need one. There's so much to look at that I was happy as a clam walking around until I couldn't feel my feet! 

I love all the brightly colored homes in Charleston. You can't help but feel happy! 

I'm such a sucker for a good porch and pretty much every Charleston home seemed to have one! The above style was particularly common, with the "main door" actually going to the first level porch. 

The further south of Broad we got, them more grand the homes became. I mean, absolutely gorgeous. 

See what I mean? Just beautiful. 

Have a happy Monday! 

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Blogger Annie Reeves said...

So pretty!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed Charleston :) I had the best time getting to see you! XOXO


Blogger Silex In The City said...

so much charm!!!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Ahh Annie I LOVED it! And absolutely loved getting to see you! I feel like we could have chatted for SO long! I guess I'll just have to come back :) xoxo

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

There truly is! It's just the most charming little city.


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