Friday, July 1


Hallelujah it's Friday! And this is an extra special Friday for two reasons: 1. long weekend/the 4th of July is Monday! and 2. I'M GOING ON VACATION TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Excuse the all caps, but I'm just so freaking excited. Like Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live. We are headed to Asheville tomorrow morning and spending the night there, then onto Charleston Sunday. So much fun in store!!! I'm going to attempt to get outfit photos while I'm in Asheville and Charleston. Simon will be my photographer, but he doesn't know it yet (hehe). So that should be interesting!

It was a good week here, full of kickball and being outdoors and watching LOTS of Olympic Trials, specifically swimming. I swam competitively growing up and through high school, so naturally swimming is one of my favorite, favorite events in the Olympics. But I get sucked into just about everything when it comes to the Summer Olympics, even archery. Tonight I'll be taking it easy, watching trials, doing last minute laundry and packing before leaving at 6 am tomorrow.

Have a safe and fun-filled, America loving weekend, loves!


shopping  |   Loft has 50% off the entire store. I picked up these shorts for vacation and just love them. This romper and this lightweight dress are super cute for hot summer days. I'm also thinking I need to finally snag this top from J.Crew since I've had my eye on it and it's 40% off. 

blogging  |   Love these tips for finding blog inspiration. I pinned this one, for sure. 

reading  |   I'm not planning a wedding or honeymoon yet, but many friends are. Would you postpone your honeymoon? This article gives some pretty good rationale for why you should wait a year.

watching  |   Everything about this video. Truth: I do not know how to change my tire or sew on a button. But I could probably sew the button if I tried.

eating  |   In the most important news of the week, Chipotle is FINALLY offering a rewards program for this summer. Done and done. 

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Blogger Nan Philip said...

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Blogger Nan Philip said...

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! So fun that you are headed off to Charleston. I have never been but I am dying to go, looks like such a great city!
xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog


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