Tuesday, April 28

school is almost over!!!

What do you know, the school year is coming to a close. After a wonderful Little 500 week of slip n slides, day drinking, summer dresses and of course, biking, I am being forced into the library to study for my finals and finish up some projects. Not fun, if you ask me. But I can hardly even think about media law and ethics and political science because I am just so darn excited for this coming summer!!!!! 

When I get back from school, the fun with my most favorite girls from home begins! This means bike rides, lots of ice cream, jumping on the trampoline, trips to KAMS, dinners on the porch, and LAKE WEEKEND! Memorial Day weekend we are going down to Bethany and Whitney's lake house. This is one of my most favorite things because we just lay on the dock tanning, go jetskiing, tubing, waterskiing and pontooning. Our good guy friends will also be there, just next door. I can hardly contain my excitement! Then my sister graduates from high school and four days later I'm leaving the state!

I'm heading off to Hilton Head Island with my best friend Ali for 3 months of lifeguarding on the beach. Its like Baywatch, but better! But really, this summer is going to be great. We are staying in her grandparent's summer home (niiiice) and are looking forward to grilling out and sitting on the porch eating and sipping on some cocktails while watching the sun go down, boat rides, going out with new friends.... And of course the birthday beach bar crawls... There are 12 bars on the beach and on people's birthday the lifeguards get on their bikes and ride from bar to bar drinking. What fun! 

I will keep everyone updated on my adventures this summer. Hopefully I do not have to save anyone from a shark or riptide. My lifeguarding experience goes about to watching kids at the country club with their mothers in arms length away. 

 This will be meeeee this summer!!!!!!

eeeeee i am so excited!


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