Sunday, August 23

Welcome back to the Midwest!

I have officially been away from Hilton Head for a week. Wow.

It seems very strange that just one week ago, I was dropping off my whistle and key off at the office, packing up the car and house, and saying goodbye to the people I didn't want to leave. I remember Ali telling me during the summer that when she got back from Luxembourg, it didn't seem like it really happened; rather it was some dream or fond memory, but definitely not reality. And now after a week of being home, I know exactly how she feels.
A summer in Hilton Head life guarding on the beach? Come on. Too good to be true, right? It had to be a dream, no one can have it that good! But no, it really did happen. Perhaps what makes it seem so very much like a dream is that I am no longer surrounded by the people I shared the summer with. Sure, I can tell my friends from school and my family all about my experiences and friends, but they weren't there for those three months, they didn't experience exactly what we all experienced. I can share stories about the Canada Day, pants party, the funny little things that would happen on the beach, but who really gets it other than my fellow lifeguards? I feel like I have two different lives: my summer life, and then my school life. Right now, I'm caught in between, and it is sort of lonely! Only four more days, and then I can spend nine months in that reality of school, greek life, extracurriculars. And then after those nine months, I can return to my dream.


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