Friday, February 11

If I had a Valentine...

It's almost Valentines Day and SURPRISE, I have no special someone to spend it with! I wouldn't say that I completely despise Valentines Day, considering I love everything about love, but the only Valentines gift I get is from my mom... and that didn't even sound like a sure thing when I talked to her on the phone. Regardless, if I did in fact have a hot date for the holiday, I have a few ideas of what I'd like to wear. I'd wear the Shoshanna strapless flowered dress or Cynthia Vincent bubblegum pink dress if I was feeling flirty and had a fun evening ahead of me, the Tibi floral dress if I was feeling more bohemian and whimsical, and the Lela Rose beaded dress if I wanted to be extra glamorous. Guess I'll wait for my Prince Charming... then maybe the $290-$2,000 price tag would be completely worth it. :)   

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