Monday, September 12

Adios summer!

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For most, summer ended in late August when they headed to back to school. So I might be a little late on this post, but forgive me, I've had some extra sunshine. I was fortunate to get 3 extra weeks of summer as I stayed in Hilton Head through Labor Day. But like all good things, summer came to an end as soon as I stepped onto my plane taking me from Charlotte to Chicago. When the pilot announced it was 64 degrees in Chicago, I knew the hot summer days in the HHI were gone. I couldn't ask for a better "last summer" before I enter the real world, whatever that is. I went to HARRY POTTER WORLD with my friends (yes, of course I had butterbeer), stayed in a theme hotel on Tybee, sang yelled karaoke, specifically "Walking in Memphis" everywhere I went with my friends, had dinner parties, party parties, went on a beach bar crawl, and so much more. As sad as it is to see the long days of summer go, fall brings cooler temperatures, sweaters and boots, changing colors (leaves in particular) and fun like football, HOMECOMING, Keeneland, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. So I say ADIOS summer! I look forward to next year with you :)


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