Friday, November 4

growing up isn't easy to do.

Starting Saturday, it's official. I'm a grown up. Well, almost. I don't have a job (yet, and not for the lack of trying), but I am signing a lease to live in an apartment in Buckhead! It is the perfect little apartment in the perfect little location - walking distance to great bars, restaurants, and shopping. I have a massive bedroom - perfect for weekend visitors - and bathroom of my own, a walk in closet (eeek!) and a balcony.... I'm excited to say the least.

However, this apartment doesn't come without a cost. It actually comes with a pretty big one. So far, it's safe to say I've had a pretty easy life. I can spend my money pretty freely... $100 to J.Crew here, $20 to Kilroys there, $10 to Noodles and Co. because I didn't feel like cooking.... yeah, you get it. Now that I am about to have real bills to pay, it's time to cut back. 

Because I don't actually need that top from J.Crew even though I like it and it's on sale $30 from the original price. I have a closet full of clothes.
I can probably get another week or two out of my toothpaste, instead of throwing it out because I don't feel like putting the in the effort to squeeze the remaining paste to the top (Lazy, I know. I admit it.)
I don't need to buy a book from Barnes and Noble even though I have a weird desire to own a large collection of books I've read. I should get a library card instead and check out books AND movies fo free!
I don't need to get ice cream or a box of cookies at Publix. It's extra money and I'll just get fat.
I don't need a new purse, I have one. Actually, this is something going on my Christmas list.
I don't need a manicure from the nice Asian ladies. I can become ambidextrous and paint my own nails... this one should be interesting...
I don't need a pumpkin spice latte every time I pass a Starbucks. Claire introduced me to some delicious chai (is that even how you spell it?) tea when I visited her in Nashville. Except to brew it I think I need a Keurig. Christmas list!

So the point is, I buy myself stuff I don't really NEED, I just WANT.
Here I go.....!!!!!


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