Thursday, January 26

just in time for a new weekend

I failed on giving last weekend's recap, and it was such a lovely little weekend it shouldn't go unmentioned. Friday night I went out to the Buckhead bars with my roommate Megan, and a few friends from IU and stayed out way later than necessary. Tore up the dance floor at Park Bench, but hey, that's to be expected when a live band is playing, right?

Saturday, Courtney and I decided to drive to ATHENS for a fun day trip, even though when we began our adventure it was pouring down rain, lightning, thundering, the whole shebang. I know we looked at each other multiple times on the way there and said "We have lost our minds" or "This could either be the best or worst decision". I'm going to go with the latter. As soon as we pulled into Athens, the clouds went away and the sun poked it's head out. I found some fantastic vintage finds at Agora and then looked at all the beautiful spring clothes in other stores that I'm far too pale to try on just yet. Lunch was meant to be at Last Resort, but neither of us were too hungry until 4:00, and Last Resort is closed for lunch at that time. We chose Pauley's, a delicious crepe restaurant, and Jane met up with us! It was so fun to see my dearest darlingest seester. After a tour of Jane's house and some delicious dessert, we headed back and I had a relaxing night catching up on my TV shows I had missed while living in the Stone Age.

Sunday meant church with Courtney, and although I am not Presbyterian, I have to say it is just wonderful having a church within walking distance of our apartments. Some church is better than no church after all, and it is the same God! Errands were run and I had my first ever Trader Joe's experience. I was a little overwhelmed by all the veteran shoppers who knew exactly what they were doing. If I'm going to be completely honest, I was really just there for some 3 buck chuck... Megan and I might possibly definitely have a wine problem. A walk with Whitney topped off the day and I made a delicious and easy jambalaya for dinner. It was the perfect weekend of fun and exploring and relaxation.

This weekend my parents (HOORAY FOR TODD AND SARA!) are coming to town and I might pee my little pants I am so excited!!!! And next weekend I am headed to Oxford, MS to see the man of the hour. Or well, 3 months. Yay for fun things ahead!!!!


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