Thursday, January 5

new year, new blog

I feel like I have said this one too many times, but I have been a bad blogger. Once the middle of November hit, the holidays got into full swing and life had some big changes. I moved into a new apartment in the city, started an internship (paid, I might add!), and began a new relationship. Although I had plenty to blog about, I didn't take the time to do so... once again.

Now with the new year, my blog is going to see a couple changes - but mainly style-wise. I am going to make it a priority to blog once a week, and more if possible! I love blogging and I love reading other people's blogs, but I need to maintain mine so that I don't lose all of my followers!

I may not be able to keep my resolution to work out once a week (embarrassing), but I am determined to keep my resolution to be a better, more interesting blogger.

Wish me luck!


Blogger Whitney said...

you can do it little rach!

add playing with whitney to that list!


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