Tuesday, March 13


I've posted far too many times how I will be a better blogger, and every time I seem to fail. The truth is, I often stop blogging because I feel uninspired or begin to see it as a chore. I'll find myself asking, "What in the world can I blog about?" rather than having a multitude of ideas and inspiration. After reading a post from What I Wore about uninspired blogging, I think it's completely okay that I took a break. I would so much rather be posting about things that excite and interest me than post because I feel like I have to. Especially since I think about five people read my blog, I don't think any of them will die if I take a little blog vacation every now and then!

However, I can confidently say that after finding some new blogging inspiration - see who I'm keeping up with - I am feeling much better and ready to make this the blog I know it can be! Look for some major changes in the next couple months and lots of new posts to look forward to! And if I'm feeling uninspired, I'll be sure to let you know! For now, I'll keep on loving life and letting yall know just how much :)


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