Wednesday, July 11

Hello Again

Please excuse my brief hiatus. What with the 4th of July holiday and Patrick in town for an interview, I kind of took a break from posting.

And I kind of have a confession to make. 

Sometimes I just don't feel like blogging or give up on a post because it seems too hard. Which is embarrassing, but true. I'm not the biggest expert in graphic design or web design and sometimes I just can't figure out where to find a shot of a J.Crew shirt or Tibi dress that I love without the model in it. So then I don't really feel like putting together a collage of "what I want to be wearing on the 4th of July"! So forgive me. I'm trying.

Speaking of the 4th of July, I hope everyone had a great holiday. It was weird, right? Being on a Wednesday and all? Not particularly ideal for traveling... but for those of us who stayed in town, it was kind of nice having a kind of weekend in the middle of the week! My 4th was spent laying all day by the pool with Courtney. I think both of us were a teensy bit homesick -- pool games at the CCC, the annual 3rd of July party, family and friends... so it was perfect that we spent it together. We grilled out because I felt un-American if I didn't eat a cheeseburger and while at Krogs I found SPARKLERS! Which were put to use when we realized our apartment complex was not tall enough to see the fireworks over Lenox Mall. Oopsies. 

The weekend was a pretty typical one - lots of pool time, lounging, and reading. The extra bonus was that Patrick was in ATL so I got super duper lucky getting to see him again after only a few days apart!!! I made it a priority that we didn't eat at the same places that we always do, so after seeing Whitney post about the Atlanta Food Truck Park, I KNEW I had to go! And oh it made me so very happy. Even though I had sweat trickling down my back from the 100 temps and I was eating barbecue, I was completely entranced by this little park of food trucks. It was wonderful, and I need to go back very soon :) 

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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Blogger Whitney said...

1. blogging IS hard. and that is OK :) I like reading your posties and will take what i can get from you!
2. SO glad you had fun at the food truck park! your pics look great! totally a sweaty time, but super great!
3. that is all


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