Sunday, November 15


Another Friday, another Currently! Work has been so busy and crazy recently, so I'm really happy to see Friday here. Plus, I'm not traveling so it will be nice to spend a weekend in Nashville. As much as I love going on trips and visiting friends, I also love being in my own city. Do y'all have fun plans? I'm doing a yard sale with a co-worker on Saturday - we are selling all of our old clothes that we don't wear anymore! Other than that, I don't have any major plans, but I am hoping to get out one night and let loose! Now - for what I've been Loving and Lusting over this week!


1. Sole Society Suede Bow Pumps: Now that we are in October, it's time to dress like it's fall, even if the temperatures do reach 80 every now and then. Since I haven't had a full time job the past 2 falls, this is the first time I've needed clothes and shoes for "fall lady executive" (lady executive being used lightly). I think these pumps would be a good addition - a good neutral and I love the bow! Plus, you can't beat the price. $50?! That's a steal.

2. Target Ponte Moto Jacket: I want this. I need this. It's been sold out everywhere in the olive color and now it's back online. Yep. Already in my cart.

3. J.Crew Bracelet: I mean... it's just pretty. I love jewels. Can I have everything on J.Crew's website?

4. Domino Magazine: Did you hear? Domino Mag is BACK. For all the home decorators and interior designers, this is great, great news. The magazine is coming back digitally, and will be published for newsstands quarterly. The first issue goes on sale October 8. All is right in the design world again.

5. Jimmy Fallon: So this isn't a pair of shoes or sweater, but I am absolutely lovingggg Jimmy Fallon. His skits are hysterical - did you see #Hashtag with Justin Timberlake (another one of my favorites)?! It actually doesn't get old - I've watched it probably 15 times now. Or the insane lip sync battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant? It's priceless, and JGL kills it with Superbass. Team Fallon right here.

6. Nashville Map Print: The coffee table is complete (more on that next week), so now we need to find a rug and start decorating the walls. I think this Nashville map print is a given, and I think it would look great in our entryway above the entryway table. Oh Nash, how I love ya.

Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend!

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Blogger Giovanna said...

Super cute picks! Loving those pumps!



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