Tuesday, December 10


Any weekend I can spend with someone in my family automatically puts the weekend in the amazing category. This past weekend my parents and I went down to Athens, GA for my sister's fabric design exit show. I'm planning on doing a full recap - but you can see a little preview of her work in the above picture. It was so special and touching to see how many of her friends and our family friends drove from Atlanta, Illinois, and Tuscaloosa to see her work on display. Girl has talent, y'all.

From the exit show we headed to downtown Athens for great food and drinks and celebrating Jane. The rest of the weekend consisted of quality family time meandering through Athens, watching football games at Pauley's and dinner at The Globe, and trying to track down a hot dog vendor. Family is just the best and I'm so glad we got to spend Jane's last official weekend as an undergrad in Athens with her. Proud of you Janie!

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