Wednesday, December 11


I've never particularly liked the idea of living in a small space, like a studio apartment or a teensy tiny apartment in Chicago or New York, but after following The Everygirl home tours, I'm kind of rethinking my stance on the whole tiny living thing. After all, the less space you have, the less space you need to decorate. Which is not such a bad thing when you are 24 and slightly poor. And aren't the above pictures amazing? They are all studio apartments, which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

What are your thoughts on small spaces? Yay or nay?

images from The Everygirl

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Blogger Christina White said...

Hi Rachel! I am loving the small spaces featured here! I am thinking about moving to a studio apartment in Lincoln Park after law school, but I've been on the fence too. I like my space for activities! But these great ideas have inspired me to go for it! Loving everything on your blog like always. Hope you're doing well down south!


Blogger Rachel Black said...

Chrissie, you should totally do it! I think the key is to get that massive white ikea shelving unit like you see above to create storage and a divider between your "bedroom" and living area. I'm sure it will be so cute. And you know what, it only has to be for a year!

Anonymous Colette Conway said...

Love stumbling across my little Lincoln Park apartment on your blog! xx Colette @ Frugal Finds

Blogger Rachel Black said...

It's too cute not to share!!!!


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