Friday, December 6


Since I've been doing so many gift guides, I thought I would switch up Loving & Lusting and do a What to Wear series for the holiday season. In the words of Sheryl Crow, a little change can do ya good!

Today, I'm all about the holiday cocktail party. Isn't one of the best parts about the holidays the parties you get to go to?! A great - and affordable - black dress with a little bit of edge, like this one from BCBG Generation is the perfect start. Adding fun jewelry from J.Crew can take you one of two ways - a little more classic, on the left, or a little edgier on the right. A purse like this one from Kate Spade is perfectly on theme; who doesn't want to be drinking champagne during the holidays?! Add a pair of heels or edgy booties and you're set. Time to go dance the night away!


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Blogger Ashley said...

Yes and yes to this entire outfit. Those necklaces I love!


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