Monday, January 20


I think the last time I wore tennis shoes (besides for working out) was in the 8th grade, when K Swiss, Adidas, and Pumas were super cool to sport (or was that just at my school?!) Since then, I haven't particularly loved the look - something about them just doesn't look right on me, especially with jeans. Except this weekend I saw this picture on Pinterest, and this girl just looks so, super cool. She's casual but still fashionable and put together. It makes me totally want to go get some Converses right now and imitate this exact outfit. I could pull this look off, right?!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and if you have MLK Day off, still enjoying the weekend!



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Blogger Jackie said...

I love my converse. They are the perfect casual sneakers for skinny jeans

Blogger meggietrox said...

Every outfit I have in mind for summer (whenever it finally comes to Nashville) revolves around a pair of white converse.


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