Wednesday, January 29


When I think of Lands End, I think of catholic school uniforms. I didn't go to a catholic school growing up, but a ton of my friends did, and every summer they went to Lands End to stock up on some beautiful white polos, navy shorts and plaid skirts. Not exactly the coolest store growing up.

The other day, though, I was randomly on their website (probably a Pinterest click through) and realized that while not everything is for me, Lands End has some pretty good gear and at really, really affordable prices (especially when on sale). When I think of Lands End, I think of quality, so everything should be well made and long lasting. I would honestly buy any of the above, and there were some cozy looking sweaters and classic button downs that I wouldn't mind owning.  Lands End, way to step up your game from plaid skirts and polos. It's a good move.


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Blogger Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Wow, who know they had such cute stuff! I'm all about high quality, lasting pieces, so I would definitely check them out...especially for some warm outerwear or a cozy throw!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

I know, I was so surprised! I honestly had no idea!


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