Tuesday, January 21


Tuesday has always my least favorite day of the week. 

In my opinion, Monday will always be Monday. Wednesday is one day closer to the weekend, happy hours are planned, and on Thursday, weekend plans are starting to form. Friday is obviously the start of the weekend. 

But poor little Tuesday always gets the cold shoulder from me. Which actually is so silly, because it's another day for great things to happen! Somewhere, someone is getting a promotion, giving birth to a new little baby, getting engaged to their soulmate, or traveling to a new city or country... and that is awesome

These little words of inspiration are exactly what I need on a Tuesday. I don't know if it can ever be a Friday, but maybe it can get a little bit closer. :)


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Blogger Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Love the first quote! I am definitely keeping that in mind now, as I try to save money for future goals. Thanks for the inspiration!

Blogger Laura (bright and beautiful) said...

Love these!


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