Monday, June 2


Life lately.... just when I planned on being an all star blogger and start posting regularly, I went into a little funk in my personal life, found out my photographer for my outfit posts got a new job (anyone know of someone who will take my picture for cheap?!), and felt overall blah day to day. But in those day to days there were some super happy and good moments - enjoy the pictures and what I've been up to - and sorry in advance for the lengthy post!

Kentucky Derby - Ali's Bachelorette Party 
The month kicked off with my birthday, of course (May 1!!!), but also my best friend Ali's bachelorette party at the Kentucky Derby. It was the best and her sister did such an amazing job organizing and planning the whole thing. Twenty girls were able to make the trip, which is just such a testament to how much we love Ali and value her friendship, and we had the best time celebrating her! On Friday we went to the Oaks where we drank plenty of bourbon. Saturday we went to the race and ventured into the infield. Thank goodness we found the Vineyard Vines tent, conveniently hosting a live band from Nashville and located next to a Woodford Reserve tent and food trucks. My phone was stolen (downer) but for the most part we made it out alive. Too. much. fun.

I think it's safe to say Steeplechase is one of the most anticipated weekends here in Nashville. This year it was supposed to pour rain on Friday and Saturday, and because Steeplechase is in the middle of a grassy field, that would have been a huge downer. Luckily we made it through Saturday without any rain and had an awesome day hanging out drinking and kind of watching horse races.

Memorial Day Weekend
Initially I had plans to go to Florida for MDW, because you have to take advantage of that extra vacation day, right?! And as much as I love Nashville, I needed to get away from everything. Luckily two of my best friends from home were heading to their lake house in Southern Illinois for the weekend, so Patrick and I joined the party. It was exactly what I needed - three days of total relaxation. No makeup, no outside world, just a boat, the lake, and a lot of Summer Shandy and Sweetwater beer. Pure bliss.

Now it's June and officially summer - so happy for consistently warm weather!


Blogger Jen said...

Awww I went to college with some of those girls, what a small world! I live in Louisville now and the Derby was so much fun this year, we couldn't have asked for better weather!


Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

That's so funny - what a small world! Derby seriously had the best weather, but after last year's downpour I think anything would have been welcomed! Thanks for reading!


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