Wednesday, September 3


Has everyone recovered from their Labor Day weekend festivities? I think it took me all of yesterday to remember what working was.... yikes. But that just means my weekend felt super long and relaxing! Ready for a weekend recap?! This is going to be long, and I really apologize in advance... but too much good stuff not to share!

Meet two friends for dinner at Tacombi. Have the crispy fish and pork belly tacos - yum. Highly recommend. Follow up with dessert at Milk. Hi, cracked pie and cereal milk ice cream and cake truffles. You were amazing. 

Jane works till 2:00, so I wander down to SoHo and aimlessly shop. Literally the most perfect weather ever - 70s and NO humidity. Have a yummy smoothie at The Bean. Decide at 12:30 to slowly make my way to meet Jane for work. Walk through NYC up 5th Ave to the Flatiron building. Walk in Eataly, realize there are way too many people to handle, leave after approximately 30 seconds. Meet Jane. Go back to Madison Square Park for Shake Shack. 45 minute wait = worth it. Subway to Central Park to row boats in the reservoir but decide against it after seeing another really long line. Lay in the park, enjoying the weather and talk to my Grandma. Decide to get a macaroon at Laduree because even though we are stuffed we want one #yolo. Take subway back to East Village. Drink wine on Dorothy's rooftop, eat yummy pasta and cheese, go to Destinations for a couple beers. Sleep. WHEW!

It's gameday!!! Wake up weirdly early - attempt to rent Citi Bikes to go to the Brooklyn Bridge and fail miserably. Try to take the subway to Brooklyn Bridge and it's out of service for the weekend - another fail. Fill our sadness with an amazing donut from Gasoline Alley. Go to brunch a couple hours later at Fonda - cheers to the Dawgs and bottomless margaritas! Find some street merch on the way back to Jane's apt, hooray for a desk chair! Go to American Whiskey (UGA bar), watch Todd Gurly and crew crush Clemon #gurleyforheisman. Sleep.

Yet again wake up strangely early. Decide to seize the day, eat amazing avocado toast and ricotta toast at Two Hands. Walk through parts of Chinatown and Little Italy. Make it to the World Trade Center / Freedom Tower. So pretty. Continue walking through the financial district (we're explorers!) and see Stone Street - such a cool street with lots of restaurants and bars and open air seating. Have a late lunch at Chelsea Market with Kaitlyn who is visiting from DC! Nap because it's pouring rain. Meet Natalie for dinner at Keste and celebrate her engagement (yayyy!!!!!!) and eat more delicious food - this time, pizza! Sit in Washington Square Park and enjoy each other's presence.

Ate NYC bagels from Tompkins Square, walked to find a book for me to read on the plane, and off I was to JFK. I had the best weekend in NYC visiting Jane and I'm so glad I took Friday off so I got an extra day. I'm not kidding when I say I think I gained 10 pounds on the trip and walked all of Manhattan, but it was all worth it. Thanks Janie!!! I will be back soon :)

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Blogger Whitney Biber said...

cute sistas :) glad it was so fun!

Blogger Morgan Paige said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! That burger looks amazing :]


Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Believe me, it was delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Aren't sisters the best?!


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