Monday, October 6




Is it really Monday already?! I feel like it was just Friday and I was all antsy to get to Ole Miss for the weekend. 

Ummmmm y'all. This weekend was unreal and Ole Miss was on point in every possible way. On Saturday morning we got to the Grove around 8:30. My coworker and I were lucky enough to score some VIP Gameday passes (Thanks ESPN!) so we had a behind the scenes look at everything going on. At one point we thought we were going to be on TV but then the camera guy decided to film the cheerleaders instead... can't understand why???! 

After a fun morning and Katy Perry picking OLE MISS to win, I met up with my crew and had plenty of vodka lemonade drinks. The Grove was packed and so much fun. There was a ton of excitement around the game and so naturally I began to have #FOMO that I wasn't going into the game. I tried to find scalpers at the beginning of the game but there were literally none. After about 30 minutes of feeling sorry for myself and making friends with some random people at a tent, I decided to just try and get in with my own luck and charm. AND IT WORKED. Before I knew it I was sitting with my friends and Ole Miss was winning and intercepting in Bama's end zone and fans were rushing the field and goal posts were coming down. It was so crazy and I'm so happy for Ole Miss. Katy Perry seemed to have a good time too. Now onto Texas A&M - it never stops when you're in the SEC.

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Blogger Megan Marie said...

I am actually cracking up at that buzzfeed post of Katy Perry… AHAHAHAHAH… she is the best. But that's basically how we acted at every single IU tailgate, so are we also the best?? :) Looks like the best weekend ever!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

I have to say, Indiana tailgates were one of the best student tailgate experiences I've witnessed. Ole Miss is at a whole new level with classy drinking - ha!


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