Friday, November 14



I'm traveling yet again this weekend - this time to Athens, GA to see the Dawgs take on Auburn. It's the oldest rivalry in the south and this game is pretty huge for both teams. Now if Mizzou could lose to A&M....

Speaking of UGA, I think I was meant to be a video producer - I'll get to why soon. Nothing gets me more pumped or gives me more chills than a well produced sports video. One Shining Moment? Yep, I'm obsessed. The videos playing before football or basketball games? I absolutely love them. So naturally I freak out every time Georgia puts out a new hype video. This one welcoming back Gurley was released earlier this week and I'm obsessed. And then today, they released another video and I had chills the whole time. See what I mean? I should be a producer.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend, and #godawgs.


Blogger Whitney Biber said...

hope you had fun :)!


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