Friday, May 22


Did this seem like a long week for anyone else? I think it was definitely the anticipation of a long weekend, but Monday just seems like ages ago! No matter what you're doing to celebrate Memorial Day, I hope it's fun, safe, relaxing, and full of laughing and smiles. 

what I'm into this week

// this is going viral, but in case you haven't seen it, I kind of don't hate Justin Bieber after laughing along to this video. It's actually pretty amazing.

// Madewell's new arrivals are too good. I want this, this, and this... and I could keep going. 

// Black bean burgers are such a good alternative to meat, especially when you don't have a grill. This recipe from the Pioneer Woman is on my list to make next week. Salivating already.

// new emojis might be coming in 2016, with bacon making the list. BUT WHERE is the taco emoji?!

// speaking of tacos, did you see my girl Annie's recap on her Harbour Island vacation? Photos. are. amazing. Get ready to start pinning and planning a vacation ASAP. 

Have a great weekend! Follow me on INSTA (@lovethislifeblog) for Memorial Day weekend pics!


Blogger Nan P said...

I have been eyeing that same eyelet top from Madewell, so beautiful and perfect. So excited that new emojis might be coming. I hope that you have a wonderful long weekend!
xo Nan - Simply Elegant Blog

Blogger Annie Reeves said...

You da bomb for sharing the post. I was JUST TALKING last night about planning a trip to Nashville!!! We will be in touch :) :) :)

Annie Reeves

Blogger Whitney Biber said...

umm did you take this gorgeous pic!?!? LOVE


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