Tuesday, September 29


Even though it's been four months since I blogged, I have been keeping up with my Instagram (follow me if you aren't!), so you probably have a slight idea of what I've been up to. But since this is a LIFE and style blog, I thought I might as well give a quick photo & caption update as to what I've been doing the past 4 months!

It's been a lot of wedding attending, celebrating sorority sisters and friends from home.

There was also some weekend travel to Lexington, NYC, Champaign, and Columbia, SC.

And lots and lots of fun in Nashville canoeing (cabrewing, actually), happy hour-ing, exploring, chasing waterfalls (literally), going to concerts, and rocking out at a hot chicken and jorts festival.

This fall isn't looking to slow down one bit either, between friends and the bf visiting Nashville in the coming weekends, concerts, football games, Keeneland, and another wedding. But what would life be if not totally crazy?! And when it's this full of fun, I really can't complain one bit.

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